Thermal Applications of CVD Graphene White Paper

Feb 2, 2023 | Knowledge Center, White Papers

In the above white paper, we analyze the thermal application potential of our CVD graphene and pyrolytic carbon thin film offerings.

Due to the two-dimensional atomic structure of CVD graphene, heat is generated and dispersed evenly over the full area of the CVD graphene. CVD graphene has been paired with various substrates to study its performance and viability in thermal applications.

CVD graphene’s thermal management properties are driven in large part by its thermal conductivity and the substrate it is placed on. CVD graphene alone has high intrinsic thermal conductivity – but we see a degradation in thermal conductivity when it is placed on a substrate. CVD graphene acts as an ultra-thin coating that enhances heat dissipation on substrates with a thermal conductivity equal to or lower than that of SiO2. CVD graphene can be very useful as an alternative to traditional thin-film metals to achieve strong heat dissipation at a coating thickness that is between one to two orders of magnitude lower. Graphene’s role in improving thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity enables its use in many thermal management applications.

Pyrolytic carbon is another form of thin film which has been studied for heating applications. It can be placed on ceramic substrates and is ideally suited for applications that need higher watt densities. The thickness of the pyrolytic carbon film can be tuned to deliver characteristics that are optimized for the customer’s specific end application.

Overall, CVD graphene has widespread potential in thermal applications – as a heating element, transparent heater, and even as a thermal management component.

General Graphene is a pure play CVD graphene foundry manufacturing large-area, roll-to-roll (R2R), chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene and pyrolytic carbon films at its headquarters located in Knoxville, TN. We have developed a proprietary atmospheric pressure R2R CVD graphene production system that is capable of manufacturing industrial-scale CVD graphene in mass volumes, at consistent and reproducible qualities, and at significantly lower costs relative to the industry.