General Graphene Corporation

A world-class producer, supplier, and manufacturer of industrial scale CVD graphene.

We provide product development support directed at industrial companies interested in leveraging the remarkable properties of graphene.

Unlock the potential of Graphene.

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What Drives us at General Graphene

We exist to make commercial-grade graphene production a market reality at on an industrial scale.

We know there is an unmet need across all industries for the large-scale production and use of graphene. The possibilities of graphene are endless and span every single industry. That’s why we won’t rest until the world is supplied with graphene it needs.

The Power of Graphene

Graphene is the thinnest, lightest, strongest and most conductive material ever known.

A Myriad of Possibilities

The remarkable properties of graphene can be leveraged across a diverse range of industries providing countless new and exciting capabilities.

From Concept to Production,

we unlock the potential of CVD graphene for your company.

Our deep experience and analytical infrastructure accelerates prototyping, testing, and the industrial manufacturing of high performance, CVD graphene-based products.

Our Graphene Production Process

Explore the Endless Possibilities

Our collaborative approach to design and problem solving enables industries to explore and realize the potential of graphene with confidence.

Our Team

We have a world-class team of scientists, engineers, and product development specialists ready to assist industry and bring advanced products to market. The team is supported by our well equipped industrial laboratory, which provides critical data and analytics to validate the target performance.

Your CVD Graphene Questions, Answered.

You have questions about CVD graphene and we are the graphene company that has all the answers.

Graphene is an exciting and revolutionary material adding endless, new capabilities to products - capabilities that once only existed in the realm of science fiction. Since graphene science is relatively new, it can be unclear where the line is between empirically-based facts and the exciting opportunities yet to come. Rest assured, our team of world-class scientists work daily to find (and push) that line forward; and we’re making that team available to you.

Want to know exactly what is available now in the graphene industry and what we have on the horizon? Do you have a question about the power and possibilities of CVD graphene? We invite you to reach out and ask.

Graphene Produced in America

at our Facilities in Knoxville, TN

General Graphene Corporation operates, manufactures, and produces its graphene here in America, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our employees live locally and we are proud supporters of the local Knoxville economy. Because all of our work is done here, we can guarantee quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. And since everything happens under our roof, we can enact strict quality controls to guarantee the best and safest working environment for our local employees.