Our Products

CVD graphene film on copper foil, highlighting roll-to-roll process & applications in electronics, batteries.

CVD Graphene Films

Grown on copper foil in our proprietary roll-to-roll CVD system

Porous 3D graphene foam cube, highlighting its structure & applications in batteries, electronics.

3D Graphene Foam

Porous three-dimensional structures composed of stacked graphene layers

Pyrolytic Carbon Films with low resistance, biocompatible for electronics, biosensors. Graphene-based.

Pyrolytic Carbon Films

2D carbon films offering low electrical resistance and biocompatibility

Pioneering Industrial Scale CVD Graphene Production

We provide researchers and industries with an affordable and scalable supply of reproducible high-quality large-area chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene and carbon materials.

Industrial Scale CVD Graphene symbol: blue hexagon represents production & applications in electronics, batteries.

Building the graphene ecosystem together

At General Graphene, our exclusive focus is on industrial-scale CVD graphene and carbon materials manufacturing. Employing an ecosystem-driven approach, we are dedicated to cultivating collaborative relationships with key research and industrial partners and help accelerate graphene’s transition from laboratory experiments towards real-world applications.

With a proven track record in collaborations across a diverse range of fields – such as sensors, flexible electronics, healthcare, battery research, and membranes – our team is adept at supporting CVD-based graphene and carbon material requirements across a diverse array of industries and application fields.

Accelerating the path to the Graphene Revolution

We believe that scalable graphene production is a fundamental prerequisite to further develop the graphene ecosystem and kickstart the “Graphene Revolution”. Our experience, adaptability, and expertise in scalable large-area CVD graphene production give us confidence in collaborating with our partners to ignite the spark towards the long-awaited “Graphene Revolution.

Industrial Scale CVD Graphene symbol: blue hexagon represents production & applications in electronics, batteries.

No Limits to Innovation

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of CVD graphene production, General Graphene stands at the forefront – having developed roll-to-roll CVD technology capable of producing graphene at unprecedented volumes, costs, and qualities. Our team is committed to push the limits of innovation and provide a path to scale the use of graphene-based materials across several end applications. By blending deep scientific and engineering expertise with an insatiable curiosity, General Graphene reaffirms that when it comes to pushing the boundaries of graphene’s potential, there are indeed no limits to innovation.

Blue carbon atoms in CVD Graphene Films highlight versatility in energy, biosensors. High-quality graphene.

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Industry Ready Today

Our experienced team is equipped with novel graphene manufacturing technology and a wide array of analytical and characterization infrastructure that helps us understand and meet CVD graphene material requirements across a wide array of industries.

Why Graphene?

As the world’s first two-dimensional material, graphene holds the key to unlock a range of new opportunities. By driving the conceptualization and development of novel nanotechnology-based innovations, graphene is set to reshape industries and create a positive global impact. Here are some of the benefits achieved by utilizing graphene:

Industrial Scale CVD Graphene symbol: blue hexagon represents production & applications in electronics, batteries.
Blue icon for graphene: superb conductivity for energy storage, biosensors. Key in graphene tech.

Electrically and Thermally Conductive

Graphene’s ability to conduct electricity and heat in a two-dimensional plane is unprecedented – enabling the development of ultrasensitive sensors, as well as faster and more efficient electronic devices.

A blue circle with arrow icon, symbolizing sustainability and its influence on various technologies, including graphene applications like energy storage systems and biosensors.


Graphene’s impact is widespread across technologies that are driving the sustainability revolution – including EV batteries, fuel cells, and carbon capture membranes.

Blue icon, hands & heart: Healthcare progress through graphene innovation in biosensors, materials.

Healthcare Advancements

In the healthcare sector, graphene-based technologies and materials bring novel developments to molecular diagnostics, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery. By incorporating graphene into your business, you can contribute to advancements in patient care and healthcare efficiency.

Vibrant blue graph icon highlights graphene's impact in materials science, nanotech. Key applications.

Future Proof

Similar to how silicon revolutionized electronics a few decades ago, graphene is an enabling material which is set to drive the 2D materials revolution by serving as a crucial component in upcoming materials science and nanotechnology innovations.

Graphene Produced in America

General Graphene is a USA based graphene manufacturer and produces all its graphene locally at its facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our employees are proud supporters of the local economy and are firmly committed to help serve as a robust and reliable source for CVD-based graphene and carbon materials. With manufacturing and quality control all housed within our facility, we provide reliably engineered graphene materials using state-of-the-art production techniques and rigorous quality control procedures.

USA certification for high-quality CVD Graphene, 3D Foam, Pyrolytic Films: American innovation.