General Graphene Corporation

A pure-play CVD graphene foundry focused on industrial-scale CVD graphene production.

We provide expertise in applying CVD graphene across a variety of industries and applications.

The Latest in Graphene News & Information

What is CVD Graphene?

What is CVD Graphene?

Graphene is a single atom-thick (0.34 nm) layer of carbon atoms laid out in a hexagonal lattice structure, with properties such as flexibility, optical transparency, high electrical and thermal conductivity that make it a unique material. The term CVD graphene refers...

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Beyond the Limits: Industrial-Scale CVD Graphene

Beyond the Limits: Industrial-Scale CVD Graphene

General Graphene Corporation is a pure-play CVD graphene foundry focused on industrial-scale CVD graphene production. Incorporated in 2014, General Graphene is currently utilizing GG 3.0, the third iteration of its proprietary atmospheric pressure roll-to-roll CVD...

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Enabling Meaningful CVD Graphene R&D

Enabling Meaningful CVD Graphene R&D

Traditional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene production – seen primarily in the form of quartz tube furnaces - has been inadequate to support meaningful CVD graphene R&D – and has thereby been a roadblock in CVD graphene’s progress toward...

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What Drives us at General Graphene

We exist to help commercialize industrial-scale CVD graphene across a variety of applications and industries.

Graphene’s potential is only limited by imagination and spans across almost every single industry. Much like silicon, we believe graphene’s real potential lies as an enabling material that will help enhance existing technology and pave the way for the arrival of novel technologies and products.

The Power of Graphene

As the world’s first-ever two-dimensional nanomaterial, graphene possesses a unique set of properties.

The Versatility of Graphene

Graphene’s unique properties can be harnessed across a diverse array of industries to enable several application development opportunities.

Industry Ready Today

Our experienced team is equipped with a wide array of analytical and characterization infrastrusture that helps us accelerate prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of CVD graphene-based products.

Our Graphene Production Process

Explore the Endless Possibilities

Our collaborative approach to design and problem solving gives our partners confidence to develop their CVD graphene applications.

Our Team

As a group of problem solvers seeking to identify and alleviate pain points in multiple industries, General Graphene’s experienced team of scientists, engineers, business managers, and executives is committed to conceptualizing and assisting in the development of CVD graphene-enabled solutions that can generate breakthrough benefits for our customers and stakeholders.

Your CVD Graphene Questions, Answered.

As a reputed supplier of CVD graphene with over five years of experience, we have the answers to your CVD graphene questions.

Since graphene science is new, it can be challenging to distinguish between empirically-based facts and future possibilities. Rest assured, our team of esteemed scientists is working daily to push the boundaries of graphene science in our bid to be at the forefront of CVD graphene's commercialization.

Want to discuss how you can use our CVD graphene for your application? Have a question about CVD graphene's application areas? Our team is available to answer any CVD graphene inquiries you may have.

Graphene Produced in America

at our Facilities in Knoxville, TN

General Graphene Corporation operates, manufactures, and produces its graphene here in America, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our employees live locally and we are proud supporters of the local Knoxville economy. Because all of our work is done here, we can guarantee quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. And since everything happens under our roof, we can enact strict quality controls to guarantee the best and safest working environment for our local employees.