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3D Graphene Foam

Product size – 3 x 3 cm inserts

Our 3D graphene foam is an interconnected arrangement of conductive graphene sheets which together form a highly porous three-dimensional network. We provide 3D graphene foam in a freestanding format without the inclusion of any polymers or adhesive materials.

3D graphene foam possesses several features – interconnected microporosity, conductivity, and biocompatibility – that make it a compelling foundational scaffold biomaterial to assist in the generation of healthy cell lines. For simplified handling during the cell culture process, we can provide 3D graphene foam embedded in 6-well plates or petridishes.

3D Graphene Foam Specifications

Growth MethodChemical Vapor Deposition
Quality ControlRaman, SEM, and Optical
Dimensions (cm)3 x 3 x 0.16
Growth SubstrateNickel Foam
Composition (EDS)> 99% C
Density (mg/cm3)~ 3.5
Pore Size (µm, average)5 - 500
Surface Area (m2/g)~ 400 [1]
Conductivity (S/m)2x10^5
Effective Tensile Strength (kPa)25 [2]
Effective Youngs Modulus (MPa)35 [2]
AppearanceFreestanding Foam


[1] DOI 10.1088/2053-1591/ab2e83 [2] estimated


3D cell culture scaffolds, heat transfer, drug delivery, electrode for catalysis reactions.



Srivatsa Aithal

Director of R&D

We have worked with GG's team for years now and have primarily used large crystal and polycrystalline graphene. Their team is very knowledgeable and the quality control is unparalleled in this industry. I would strongly recommend them as a partner for research and product development needs.


Mike Musgnug


GG’s expertise in scalable graphene materials manufacturing combined with their collaborative scientific support has helped GrapheneDx advance its graphene-based biosensor technology. I would recommend GG without reservation as a partner to support your graphene material requirements.

For volume discounts and customization requests, please contact us at [email protected].