General Graphene Launches Online Store – Industrial-Scale CVD Graphene and Carbon Materials Available Today

Jun 24, 2024

Knoxville TN. USA. (24 June 2024). General Graphene Corporation, leading industrial-scale manufacturer of high-quality chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene and carbon materials, has launched a new online store to provide direct access to its novel portfolio of industrial-scale CVD-grown monolayer graphene and carbon materials.

With proprietary CVD technology that enables the production of high-quality graphene and carbon materials at unprecedented scale, General Graphene is poised to deliver on its vision of making graphene scalable and accessible across the world. General Graphene has successfully combined the science and engineering behind graphene manufacturing to provide a scalable roadmap for its application development partners to integrate graphene and carbon-based materials into their products and technology. 

“Meaningful graphene R&D has been limited due to a lack of scalable and affordable sources for high-quality graphene materials”, said Siddhant Bangur, Director of Business Development. “General Graphene’s new online store aims to directly address the graphene materials supply bottleneck by providing companies and researchers worldwide with a scalable, affordable, accessible, and reliable source for CVD-based graphene and carbon materials.” 

CVD-based graphene and carbon materials offered on General Graphene’s online store include:

  • Monolayer Graphene – one-atom thick sheet of carbon with a honeycomb crystal lattice structure measuring 0.34 nm in thickness.
  • 3D Graphene Foam – interconnected arrangement of conductive graphene sheets which together forms a highly porous three-dimensional network.
  • C3 Electrode – disposable electrode developed using a uniform and pure carbon film deposited directly onto alumina substrates via CVD.

General Graphene’s portfolio of CVD-based graphene and carbon materials are available to purchase today at

About General Graphene

General Graphene Corporation is a leading industrial-scale manufacturer of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) roll-to-roll graphene and carbon materials. Using proprietary CVD manufacturing technology, we provide application development partners with a scalable and cost-effective path towards the commercialization of graphene and carbon-based 2D materials.


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Siddhant Bangur, Director of Business Development. 

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