A novel approach

General Graphene is leading the industrial roll-to-roll scale-up of large, monolayer and multi-layered graphene sheets under atmospheric conditions.

Because General Graphene manufactures in atmospheric conditions, the company routinely designs application-specific recipes and adapts the graphene produced to match the specific performance needs of the OEM. The process allows for the manufacture of very large sheets of graphene with a range of crystal sizes and coverage, depending on the application.

In addition to making single layer graphene, General Graphene manufactures multilayer 2D and 3D graphite and graphite foam, on many different types of substrate.

Our ability to tune our graphene for specific industrial requirements opens up new possibilities in many industrial and high-tech markets. For example, we can produce multi-layer graphene sheets with excellent barrier properties to single layer with extremely large crystal sizes and greater than 98% surface coverage – all in industrial volumes. Particular areas of interest include various electronic components and connectors, Li ion battery collectors and other energy production and storage applications, molecular filtration, bio engineering and life-sciences applications, optical sensors and OLED’s.

Why is this a breakthrough?

The ability to tailor a particular graphene solution to specific market needs at highest production rate and low cost, will open new avenues for industry to design high performing products, with the confidence that they will receive sufficient product at an acceptable cost.