Core Team

General Graphene is led by 2 visionary directors, long-time friends who have a track record of building and managing, successful high-tech companies.

Producing graphene in volume is only part of the development process. To facilitate the implementation of graphene technology into useful systems and products, General Graphene has built an experienced team of leading-edge engineers and scientists, who direct customers through the design and integration process of graphene into your specific component or device.

Director of Business

Kevin’s goal is to identify opportunities and direct the company’s commercial activities through collaborative partnerships with industry. Kevin manages several joint product development and commercialization ventures which will deliver cutting-edge solutions into the electronics, energy storage and medical markets.

Kevin’s career spans manufacturing, technology development and commercialization. His specific skills focus on identifying and developing technology, technology transfer and international businesses development. These skills were attained through international assignments with Shell Chemical, UK, The Dow Chemical Company in Europe and the US, Milliken and Company in Spartanburg, SC. and until recently, Kevin was directing technology developments with advanced manufacturing start-ups for the State of South Carolina SBDC.

Chief Scientist

Prior to co-founding General Graphene, Ivan performed applied and fundamental research in various areas with a primary focus on nanomaterials. Ivan began his independent professional career as a Wigner Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ivan has 80+ peer-review publications and patents and led multiple multimillion R&D projects funded by US Department of Energy and private industry. Currently, Ivan is involved in large scale graphene synthesis apparatus development and oversees R&D on 2D materials emerging growth techniques as well as lead novel applications development.

Vig Sherril

Over the past 25 years Vig has started several high-tech companies across the high-tech electronics and media landscapes. One evolved into a public offering, three were sold for a total price exceeding $125MM and two remain in business today. He has raised more than $40MM in venture capital, with his companies producing in excess of $180 million in revenue.


An attorney by background, Greg has co-founding several companies with Vig acting as general counsel. Historically, Greg chose to “keep his day job” and assist as outside counsel, but graphene’s potential proved too much to resist. A trusted advisor to hundreds of companies large and small, Greg has structured thousands of transactions and been directly responsible for assets valued in excess of $2 billion.

Greg Hayzen
VP Engineering

Greg’s focus is on managing and further strengthening the engineering department. Greg defines and coordinates projects and leads the development next generation graphene production machines.

Greg’s 20-year career spans manufacturing and automation in the healthcare, defense, and commercial manufacturing industries. His experience includes DoD projects in both surface and sub-surface Navy vessel programs for both the US and UK governments and medical device manufacturing experience at Siemens Medical Solutions in the Molecular Imaging group plus experience in a wide range of industries and applications as the General Manager at a custom automation and machine building company.

Director of
App Development

Mira’s leads the company’s application development program to design graphene-based technologies. Collaborating directly with customers on the design graphene usage, Mira guides industry and leads the co-development projects to adapt and integrate graphene in the target application.

Mira’s background is in physics and materials science. With more than 10 years of experience in Graphene, spent at US and international research laboratories, Mira has accumulated significant experience in fundamental research, solid state physics and material science. Her work covered the investigation of graphene synthesis, characterization of electronic, thermal and structural properties, and application-oriented research projects on graphene modification, using wet chemical approaches and plasma processing. Her work was carried out through collaborations with industrial partners, exploring graphene-based devices for biomedical, energy, sensing and electronic applications.