mono and multi-layer graphene

General Graphene produces application-specific graphene sheets. Our customized graphene sheets are supplied in 2-D and 3-D form. The unique manufacturing conditions, CVD in atmospheric pressure conditions, produces large area sheets grown continuously, roll-to-roll and on various metal substrates.

Graphene made using this proprietary process produce very large crystal size, with higher surface coverage and lower levels of multi-layers and defects, compared to low pressure CVD products. This makes this graphene a particularly effective conducting, barrier material with high transparency.

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Applications benefitting from these special properties include certain electronics components, anode and cathode materials of Li ion batteries, energy production and storage applications, substrates and coatings for stem cell, stent and other bio engineering applications, sensors for Defense applications, industry and The Life Sciences, molecular filtration and the thinnest transparent, conducting barrier layer for OLED’s and solar energy applications.