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“Making graphene was a science problem. We developed an engineering solution.”

General Graphene Corporation is a pure play CVD graphene foundry manufacturing large-area, roll-to-roll (R2R), chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene at its headquarters located in Knoxville, TN, USA.

Introducing GG 3.0: A State-of-the-Art CVD Graphene Film Production System

Incorporated in 2014 with a singular focus on mass-producing CVD graphene films, General Graphene has now developed a proprietary atmospheric pressure R2R CVD graphene production system (GG 3.0), which makes reproducible quality, low-cost graphene films a reality.

GG 3.0 can produce over 60,000 square meters of R2R CVD graphene films per year, providing the industry with seamless and affordable access to CVD graphene in commercial volumes and thereby discovering opportunities to enhance existing products or develop novel technology solutions.

Furthermore, the development of a proprietary roll-to-roll transfer process has enabled General Graphene both to grow and transfer CVD graphene at an industrial scale on more surfaces than anyone else in the world.

General Graphene has been application agnostic since its inception, believing in the versatility of graphene to make an impact across several different industries. General Graphene leverages its understanding of graphene to provide deep-dive application development support to customers in a variety of industries.

As a group of problem solvers seeking to identify and alleviate pain points in multiple industries, General Graphene’s experienced team of scientists, engineers, business managers, and executives are committed to conceptualizing and assisting in the development of CVD graphene-enabled solutions that can generate breakthrough benefits for our customers and stakeholders.

“Innovating at the Nanoscale”: Exploring the Properties, Applications, and Potential for CVD Graphene

General Graphene’s free E-Book, “Innovating at the Nanoscale”,  provides a detailed summary of:

  • CVD graphene’s properties
  • Production and transfer techniques employed by the firm
  • General Graphene’s journey towards achieving true industrial-scale CVD graphene production capabilities
  • Some of the applications for which General Graphene has provided CVD graphene
  • Various materials General Graphene can grow or transfer CVD graphene onto

General Graphene has always operated as a pure-play CVD graphene foundry that is application agnostic.

“General Graphene started with a singular vision – to develop the technology which would allow large-area CVD graphene films to be:

  • mass-produced;
  • in industrial volumes;
  • at an affordable price.”

Producing Mass Volumes of Graphene Films with Consistent Quality at an Affordable Price

GG 3.0 – General Graphene’s latest production system – is the world’s largest industrial-scale CVD graphene production system as of now and enables General Graphene to produce large-area roll-to-roll CVD graphene films in mass volumes affordably at consistent and reproducible qualities for a range of applications.

“General Graphene has developed several graphene transfer techniques to facilitate both batch and roll-to-roll graphene transfer and applies the transfer method most suitable to the application.”

General Graphene has grown and transferred CVD graphene successfully onto more surfaces than anyone else in the world.

A Sneak Peek Inside Our Free E-book About CVD Graphene

Inside our free E-book, you’ll learn about some of the ways that General Graphene has defined, developed, and scaled the production of CVD graphene films for a variety of applications. For example:

“General Graphene is developing CVD graphene films for use in ultra-thin, lightweight (virtually weightless) and flexible heating solutions.”

“Graphene field effect transistors can change the landscape of sensing and diagnostics globally. General Graphene aims to deliver a multitude of targeted biosensing graphene products that offer significant benefits over traditional technology at a cost of only a few dollars.”

“Most EMI shielding solutions are metal, and while they generally work well, they are relatively heavy and are sometimes difficult to conform to the shape of smaller, odd-shaped electronics, making them vulnerable to EMI pollution.”

General Graphene’s growth capabilities include monolayer and multilayer graphene as well as a pyrolytic carbon film deposition. 

The substrates used for CVD graphene include metallic substrates like copper and nickel, which are the primary growth surfaces used, a variety of polymers, silicon, quartz, glass, and nickel foam. Graphene is not a one-size fits all material and for each of these substrates, General Graphene has developed a variety of recipes in order to create a graphene-based solution that is tailored and optimized to work for a specific customer’s application. 

“Our proprietary atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) process enables the growth of graphene as well as graphene-related carbon materials on a variety of substrates at both the nano and microscale.”

To learn more about the properties of graphene and how General Graphene is using modern technology to unlock the potential and further the application of CVD graphene, simply download your copy of our free e-book below.

Click here to view our e-book, “Innovating at the Nanoscale.”