Graphene Characteristics

The following describes examples of graphene produced by General Graphene. In this case the sample substrate is copper with different characteristics. The graphene is characterized in terms of crystal size, coverage, defect density and multilayer coverage.

All our graphene is characterized in our laboratory using optical microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and four-point probes measurements.

A summary of our graphene selection is given in the table below and detailed in the following document.

Summary of Graphene Characteristics

*Note that the values below are of a range of properties measured on products made for different customers. General Graphene manufactures application specific graphene sheets, designed for the unique performance needs of the customer. We do not offer standard products.

Example of Graphene Measurements

Crystal size 40 µm – up to higher than 1 mm
Coverage >98%
Multilayer coverage Down to <5%
2D width average (Graphene on Si/SiO2) 33 cm-1
2D/G Intensity ratio (Graphene on Si/SiO2) Down to <5%
Multilayer coverage 2.1 – 3
D/G Intensity ratio (Graphene on Si/SiO2) <0.3