Beyond the Limits: Industrial-Scale CVD Graphene

May 9, 2023 | Ebooks, Knowledge Center

General Graphene Corporation is a pure-play CVD graphene foundry focused on industrial-scale CVD graphene production.

Incorporated in 2014, General Graphene is currently utilizing GG 3.0, the third iteration of its proprietary atmospheric pressure roll-to-roll CVD graphene production system, to mass produce CVD graphene films cost-effectively at reproducible and tailorable qualities.

Having been application and market agnostic since its inception, General Graphene serves as a graphene materials manufacturer enabling industries or companies engaged or interested in graphene product development to scale graphene-based R&D economically.

E-Book Description

“Beyond the Limits: Industrial-Scale CVD Graphene” provides an update on the progress made by General Graphene since inception – with key technology development milestones, CVD graphene growth and transfer capabilities, and a catalog of CVD graphene material offerings all enclosed within. Key application development fields are also discussed to illustrate the potential of CVD graphene and highlight its unique value propositions across fields such as biosensors, thermal (heating and thermal management), electromagnetic shielding, and biological scaffolds for cellular therapeutics.

Graphene Insights

“Graphene is a family of carbon-based nanomaterials which includes single atom thick chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene films and flake forms of graphene – graphene oxide (GO), reduced graphene oxide (rGO), and graphene nanoplatelets (GNP).

“The fundamentals of graphene can be traced to quantum physics – with the biggest inference coming from how things can work differently at the nanoscale compared to the macroscale. The same is true for graphene, as we can see its properties vary when we consider the scaling differences between the nano and macro world.”

“At the nanoscale, carbon exists in the form of graphene and nanotubes. At the microscale, carbon can also be composed of structures that do not have a clear crystal structure – these are known as amorphous carbon materials.”

“As one of the thinnest, lightest, transparent, and most conductive materials available today, graphene unquestionably possesses a unique value proposition for industries across the world.”
General Graphene Insights

“GG 3.0 enables General Graphene to provide CVD graphene materials in mass volumes, at significantly lower price points relative to competitors, and at reproducible tailorable qualities across a breadth of application fields.”

“General Graphene is solely focused on CVD graphene production and transfer – and does not manufacture any forms of graphene flakes.

“General Graphene’s ability to mass produce roll-to-roll CVD graphene on polymers provides industries with a cost-effective and scalable route to research and develop graphene-based sensors, wearables, and flexible electronic devices.”

CVD Graphene Manufacturing Insights

“Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has traditionally been restricted to batch systems which require a vacuum to operate, tend to experience batch-to-batch quality variations in graphene growth, and are expensive to scale.”

“Roll-to-roll transfer is the end goal for a majority of CVD graphene companies, but this technique has proved to be difficult to scale and perfect.”

CVD Graphene Application Insights

“CVD graphene heaters and heating elements also tend to have uniform isotropic heat distribution as opposed to traditional thin film heaters.”

“The conductivity of CVD graphene is one of the most critical factors in its performance as an EMI shielding material.”

“CVD graphene’s biocompatibility and near-limitless functionalization potential enable it to detect a variety of analytes – DNA, RNA, glucose, antigens, viruses (COVID-19, influenza, and more) – in a multiplexed biosensing medical device.”

“The potential for multiplexing combined with the extremely high molecule detection sensitivity (nano and pico scale measurements in some cases) and specificity presents an unprecedented breakthrough in the biosensing field.”

“CVD graphene bioelectronic interfaces and 3D foams act as cell culture platforms with features such as nanoscale topography, stretchability, and tunable electrical conductivity.”