Our Mission

General Graphene is an advanced materials and product development company, advancing graphene technology with the power to transform industry and benefit society.

Meet the Team

The company is managed by an experienced and committed team of successful scientific and business professionals with a track record of taking complex technology from the laboratory environment to the factory floor.

Our Facilities

Based at our 18,000 ft2 advanced manufacturing facility, nr. Oak Ridge, TN, General Graphene Corporation is perfecting its proprietary, atmospheric pressure, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology to grow graphene originally developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This technology enables the manufacture of roll-to-roll, large area, high quality graphene and multi-layer graphene sheets at low cost and in industrial-scale volumes.

Let’s Talk!

General Graphene is at the forefront of advanced materials development, bringing consistent, high volume and affordable CVD graphene to industry across the world. We celebrate a diversity of perspectives and champion creative thinking to achieve our ambitious goals.

If you are interested in working at General Graphene, send us your resume.